Lacompagnie Lionel Hoche



lundijeudi, for Compagnie Lionel Hoche


Flashville, for Compagnie Lionel Hoche

Belle Dubois d'Ormant, for the Avignon Opera Théâtre Ballet


Nar6 and Corrélations for the Compagnie Lionel Hoche

Robert le diable, opera of  Meyerbeer, director: Laurent Pelly at Royal Opera House (London)


Soyeuse for compagnie Lionel Hoche

RetourAuNoir for Eva Duda's dance company in Budapest

René l'énervé, "Opéra Bouffe" of Jean-Michel Ribes and Reinhardt Wagner in Théâtre du Rond Point (Paris)

Des Ecumes Civiles, for compagnie Lionel Hoche - with the poet Emmanuel Rabu


Zafari & Fantazmo, for the Avignon Opera Ballet

Entrelacs, for the Company Lionel Hoche

Manon, opera of Jules Massenet, director Laurent Pelly, Royal Opera House (London)

Calisto, opera of Pier Francesco Cavali, director Masha Makeieff, théâtre des champs ?lysées (Paris)

Mignon, opera of Ambroise Thomas, director Jean-Louis Benois, Opéra Comique (Paris)


La nuit des rois of William Shakespeare, director Jean-Louis Benoit, in théâtre de La Criée (Marseille)


Pan !, for the Cie Lionel Hoche

The cunning little vixen
by Janacek, director Laurent Pelly

A conspiracy
for the « Vif du sujet », collaboration with Alban Richard

Back 2 Black #3
, for the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln


Back 2 Black #2, for the Ottawa Dance Lab

Handle this ! for the Central Scholl of Ballet - London -

Les Forains, for the Musical Ensemble « Diabolicus »

Back 2 Black #1
,(Drumming part III - Steve Reich) for the Tanz Theatre Bielefeld

Le petit monde de Gustave
for the Cie Monomotapa

friXion for Suresnes Cité Danse Variation and the Cie Lionel Hoche


Vortex, for the Cie Lionel Hoche

Barnum Boudoir, for the Ballet d'Europe

Trichromie, for the Ballet of the CNSMD Paris


Plexus-Praxis, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Le roi malgré lui, by Emmanuel Chabrier (Laurent Pelly) for the Lyon Opera


L'Ile (l'ivre d'images)
, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Balistik, for the Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Spectre, for the CCN Ballet de Loraine

Les Boréades, by Jean-Philippe Rameau, (Laurent Pelly) for the Lyon and Zurich Operas

Jungle Juice
, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II


Flamingo Mix, for the Ballet des Jeunes d'Europe

Conversation #1, for the Sumer school of the Ballet des Jeunes d'Europe


The Rite of Sping, for Cie Lionel Hoche - entered the repertory of the Ballet Nürnberg in January 2004

Cosi fan tutte
, (Sandrine Anglade) for the Grand Théâtre de Tours

Verska, for Cie Lionel Hoche


Kadavresky, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Ascension, for Cie Lionel Hoche


Versants, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Yamm, for the Ballet National de l'Opéra de Paris

Bourgeois Gentilhomme, (Jean-Louis Benoît) for the Comédie Française

Era méla méla, short film (director Dan Wiroth), for ARTE television

Enroussellements, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Le Voyage d'Hiver (extraits), for the Ballet Nürnberg


Sinuosus, for Cie Lionel Hoche

X-PRESS, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II


Origami de la Chair, for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

Le Désespoir du Singe, for the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

When the sun met the stars, for the Ballet Philippines

Les Inventions de la Pourpre (Purple Dreams)
, for the Tanztheater of the Komische Oper Berlin


Mirabilis, for Cie Lionel Hoche

Le Boeuf sur le toit, for the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse

Volubilis, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II and for Cie Lionel Hoche- Coproduction Festival de la Nouvelle Danse d'Uzès - in the repertory of the Ballet National de Nancy since november 2000


Canapé, for the Jeune Ballet International de Cannes

Le Mandarin Merveilleux , for the Ballet de l'Opéra Royal de Wallon


Pièce Détachée (Main d'Oeuvre Comprise), for the C.N.S.M.D. de Lyon - Direction Philippe Cohen

Elephant'n'Castle, for Reflex Dansgezelschap

Petite Pièce d'Extérieur, for the Ballets de Monte - Carlo, and reworked for the Ballet Philippines in 1996.

Le Jardin, for the Batsheva ensemble and choreography for a short film Le Chant de la Violette directed by Ruth Walk


Vague à l'âme, for the Nederlands Dans Theater III

Revue de Détails, for the Jeune Ballet de France

Serendipity, for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Zurich

Folie d'Espagne, for the Compagnie Nationale de Danse de Madrid - Direction Nacho Duato

A Tire d'Aile, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II


Hiatus, for the Ballets de Monte - Carlo

Barbarously Yours, for the Ballet National de Finlande, Jorma Uotinen

Omni - Bullé, for the compagnie Jean-Christophe Maillot/CCN de Tours


Turbulences, for Yann Bridart, sujet at the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris

Blancs d'y Voir, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II, subsequently performed by the Batsheva ensemble director : Ohad Nahar


Comment séduire en cas d'incendie
, for Reflex Dansgezelschap

Bal-Trappe, for the Ballet National de Nancy

Assolo in Caso di Urgenza, for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Rome

Jeux Conjugués (en Quadrichromie)
, for Nomades Le Loft Vevey

Ogreb, for Véronique Doisneau, sujet at the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris


Coming Up Roses
, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II


U should have left the light on
, for the Nederland Dans Theater II, subsequently in the repertoires of the Compagnie Nomades/Le Loft Vevey, the Ballet de l'Opéra de Rome and the Compania da Danca de Lisbonne in 1989

curriculum vitae

Lionel Hoche was born in 1964 in Paris and in 1978 began his dance studies at the Paris Opera Ballet School.
He joined the Nederlands Dans Theater in 1983, where he danced under the direction of Jiri Kylian. During his six years with the company, he also collaborated with or danced pieces by other prestigious choreographers such as William Forsythe, Nacho Duato, Ohad Naharin, Jerome Robbins, Hans van Manen, Jose Limon, Uwe Scholz, James Vincent...
Lionel Hoche undertook his first choreographic work in 1988, U should Have Left the Light on, for the Nederlands Dans Theater II - work that was subsequently performed by the Companhia de Dança de Lisboa, the Nomades le Loft Vevey company and the Balleto del'Opera di Roma.
In 1989 Lionel Hoche joined Astrakan, Daniel Larrieu's company, with whom he danced until 1991. In 1992 he became Larrieu's assistant for Attentat Poétique, created for the Paris Opera Ballet.
Lionel Hoche founded his own company that same year and presented Prière de tenir la main courante at the International Cannes Dance Festival, who commissioned and produced this work.
From 1998-2002 Cie Lionel Hoche was the resident dance company at the Esplanade Opera Theatre in Saint-Etienne. In 2005 the company began a new collaboration in residency at the Maison de la musique in Nanterre (Paris).
Lionel Hoche has worked as a freelance choreographer for various companies since 1990. Much in demand, he has created over eighty new commissioned works for more than thirty of Europe and Asia's most prestigious ballets, such as the Paris Opera Ballet, the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Batsheva Dance Company, the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, the Zurich Ballet, the National Ballet of Finland, the Compañia Nacional de Danza (Madrid), the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, the Lyon Opera Ballet, the Ballet Philippines...
Besides his choreographic work, he began a personal study of fine art in 1988, and since 1992 designs the set for some of his choreographies.
In January 2002, Lionel Hoche received the distinction of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French Minister of Culture, a knighthood for his contribution to the promotion of dance in France and abroad.
Aside from his activity with his own company, Lionel Hoche has recently created new works for the Ballet of the CNSMD Paris, for a new opera production at the Opéra de Lyon, for the Ballet d'Europe and the Ballets de Monte-Carlo....


"Lionel Hoche is a young choreographer that ballet companies follow with particular intent. His classical debuts at the Paris Opera Ballet School, followed by his experience with the Nederlands Dans Theater, have given him the solid foundations that he has exploited to develop his own choreographic vocabulary. At 37 years of age, he already has some thirty pieces to his credit, for ballet companies and for his own company, MéMé BaNjO, (founded in 1992 and resident since 1998 at the Esplanade Opera House in Saint-Etienne in France). One is hardly surprised by this activity and by the relative comfort his benefits from, so rare for a young artist : Lionel Hoche represents a new face of considerable value for ballet companies, and posses an unquestionable savoir-faire..."
Marie-Christine Vernay, Libération (France), January 20th 2001.

"Lionel Hoche is a young man who has technique, know-how, and quite naturally enjoys putting them into practice. Trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School, he joined Jiri Kylian's company, the Nederlands Dans Theater, in 1983 where he conceived his first work. He subsequently became Daniel Larrieu's assistant before launching his own company MéMé BaNjO in 1992. With over 30 choreographies to his name, including pieces for the Paris Opera Ballet, the Lyon Opera Ballet and the Ballet of Nancy, this 37-year-old choreographer knows how to capture the attention of audiences and media alike..."
Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde (France), February 20th 2001.

"Lionel Hoche's metamorphosis..."You may be unaware of this, but the choreographer Lionel Hoche, based in Saint-Etienne, is undoubtedly one of France's most sought-after choreographers by reputed international ballet companies (a journey that has taken him from the Nederlands Dans Theater to the Monte-Carlo Ballets, via the Lyon Opera Ballet). The road he has traveled down is all the richer for his years at the Paris Opera Ballet School, his time as a performer with Jiri Kylian's company, and his contemporary experience with Daniel Larrieu..."
Stéphane Lebard, Libération (France), February 10th 2000.

"Aged 35, Lionel Hoche knows how to master space, structure a ballet and use the technique of the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet, while imposing his own choreographic vocabulary."
René Sirvin, Le Figaro (France), October 23rd 2000.

"Lionel Hoche writes a finely-carved, intimate, nonchalant, and particularly tender dance."
Marie-Christine Vernay, Libération (France), May 28th 1999.

"Lionel Hoche's talent resides in his capacity to invent a very personal vocabulary, in choosing outstanding performers and designers, and in rendering audacious and definitively contemporary movements of an incredible purity."
Pierre Hivernat, Les Inrockptibles (France), November 10th 1998.

"Don't let's forget the new generation, lead, amongst others, by Lionel Hoche, whose ever-growing personality continues to make its mark."
Gérard Mannoni, Radio-journalist at France Culture (on French National Radio), November 2nd 1998.

"Lionel Hoche possesses that refined and natural elegance, a prerogative which could be attributed to a certain branch of the French School. He is an attentive choreographer, tuned into the body, its aptitudes and particularities, which is the result of his observation of human reality rather than the application of some pre-established theorem."
Bernard Raffali, Les Saisons de la Danse (France), November 1998.

"...For Yorgos Loukos, director of the Lyon Opera Ballet, who commissioned a creation for December 1998, there's no doubt: "Lionel Hoche has obtained a much larger choreographic baggage than most of the counterparts of his generation. I invited him twice to the Cannes Festival. What I like in him is his atypical personality. There is both sobriety and substance in his work. No post modern excesses, no affected theatricality"".
Portrait of Hoche by Jean-Claude Diénis, Danser Magazine (France), November 1998.
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